How To Cure Failure Disease Forever

There is a great book that is full of inspiring and practical information called “The Magic of Thinking Big”. It’s a book that I recommend reading to anyone who is dreaming of being a successful entrepreneur . I want to share one of the many amazing concepts in this book and that is how to cure the failure disease.

What is The Failure Disease?

Failure disease is what the book calls Excusitis. I know, this is not a real word but a way to describe what happens when you’re failing at something and to justify why you’re failing, you come up with an excuse and reason to quit.

As I was reading through the chapter on Excusitis, chapter 2, I realized something that took me off guard.

I learned that in the past I had “failure disease” and I was no different than anyone else who was unsuccessfully running a home business.

What’s Your Excuse?

One of the biggest most common excuse people give for their mediocrity is health issues. Here is an example of my excuse why I was failing…

I got terrible migraine headaches at least 2 times a week. This was something that I suffered from and didn’t need to. I did not realize until after months of getting these headaches that I could control them by just doing certain things each day.

I haven’t had a migraine in over 2 years since taking control. But before that happened, that was my excuse for failing all the time.

You Need To Be Super Smart To Succeed

A big myth about successful people that many believe to be true is that they are all super smart, high I.Q. types and that is why they succeed.

The truth is, the excuse that you’re not a so-called genius has no bearing on what makes you successful and what doesn’t. It’s all about attitude, positive outlook positive outlook on any situation and willingness to always learn and bury the ego.


Another excuse that I have heard a lot in the past was the good luck/bad luck excuse.

I’ll tell you right now, I don’t believe in luck, bad or good or any. I realize that a lot of people do and many will say that success is all  timing and luck.

Timing may play a factor, but luck? Nah, I would say attitude, positive attitude is a big reason for success.

The law of cause and effect. Whatever you are thinking and feeling inside at any given time, is what will become your reality. In other words, if you believe you have only bad luck, everything in your life will appear that way.

So essentially, the way to cure this failure disease is to change your beliefs, change your attitude and overall change your mindset.


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